S.J (Orange County, CA)

Ayaka’s professionalism really shows through in her teaching style. She is a wonderful, patient and kind teacher who places her full attention on her students and their progress. She builds on her student’s current knowledge while appealing to every student’s learning style. Ayaka carefully explains, gives examples, and makes sure all information given is taught in a simple, clear manner. Not only can you visually see the information given, but she reads loud and has her students practice too. Thanks to her lessons, my Japanese has significantly improved and I am now more confident speaking, reading, and writing Japanese. She has also been able to teach me proper, formal written Japanese grammar and my vocabulary has also significantly expanded. I love that Ayaka challenges my current knowledge by helping me form longer, descriptive sentences that I can use everyday. I am extremely impressed by the quality of her lessons and how practical they are. I am also impressed by how much I have been able to learn! She is by far the best tutor I’ve had and continue to look forward to our lessons!