About the Instructors

Hi! My name is Ayaka. I am an experienced language tutor, teaching for over 8 years. I graduated from New York University majoring in Childhood Education. I am fluent in both English and Japanese.

Hi! My name is Wakana. Whether it is learning a language or needing extra guidance in school subjects, I’m ready to help! I’ve taught English to people of all levels from young children to college students. Already fluent in English, Japanese, and Chinese (currently working on my fourth language: Cantonese), I understand what it takes to master a language and ready to share tips and techniques!


As a devoted and diligent teacher, I take into consideration each and every one of my student’s potential and needs. I adjust my teaching methods accordingly and strive to enhance their learning experience. I was born in Japan and moved to the States when I was 2. I’ve received all my education in America. I’ve lived in Georgia and New Jersey, and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education from New York University. Now, I’m currently living in Philadelphia as an English Instructor/Japanese Instructor/Private tutor.


Born in Japan and raised in America, I grew up understanding the language and culture of both countries. Currently living in the multicultural hub of Los Angeles, I’m happy to help bridge the gap of communication between different countries and help people become more comfortable speaking another language! I worked as a computer programmer for close to 10 years while also tutoring people in in various subjects, including Chinese and Trigonometry. I also enjoy introducing children to programming concepts!

Subjects that we teach:

English Lessons

Japanese Lessons

K-12 Private Tutoring

Chinese Lessons

Computer Programming